In January, 2010, I purchased my home in the San Diego area. I was at liberty to select a host of financial institutions to assist me in my endeavor.

However, a few years prior I had to occasion of meeting JudyAnne, and I kept her contact information. I am glad I did.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative of the customer service, knowledge, tenacity, attention to detail, and a host of other adjectives to describe the level of service I received; especially at a time when time was of the essence due to rates/counter offers and the like. The entire process; although lengthy, due to changes in the lending industry, culminated without incident

As long as I live in my home, I owe a debt of gratitude to JudyAnne for making this possible!

Alfred Price | Engineer at SPAWAR

JudyAnne has been The Best Mortgage Broker out there for both our mortgage needs and that of my clients over dozens of years. Referred often, she has extensive knowledge of loans available to meet your needs. She gets the right job for you, done!
Cynthia Conger | Owner, SeaCastle REALTORS
I have used Judy Anne’s services multiple times to obtain mortgages, refi’s and HELOC’s on homes I have owned. She is responsive and professional. I like the fact that she listens and then seeks out the best solution for whatever issues I have posed. I can unconditionally recommend her services.
Richard Walker | President at Capital Equipment Leasing
Working with JudyAnne made a difficult process incredibly simple and easy. I learned very quickly that I could trust her completely to secure the best loan product for me. She really knows her business. I have recommended her to many of my friends and I still thank the friend who recommended her to me!
Kathy Morgan | Assistant Land Surveyor at City of Chula Vista
JudyAnne was recommended by our accountant to be our loan officer during the purchase of our home. This was in mid- to late 2008 during what was arguably the most difficult time in recent history to get financing of any sort. JudyAnne was phenomenal. She patiently worked through a long and exhaustive process of locating a lender that would consider a home loan when the vast majority of other lenders either would not loan to anyone, or had gone out of business. To make a long story short, she simply would not accept failure, and she persisted until she was able to secure a home loan for us. During the entire process she kept us informed of her progress, and remained patient, courteous and professional. She succeeded where other loan officers failed, or had simply told us we had no options. She has an unlimited wealth of knowledge about the lending industry, she is a creative thinker and she treats her clients as if they are family or close friends. We could not have purchased our home without her help and expertise. I would strongly recommend her to any potential employer.
Mitch Brown | Senior Director, Physician Training at Allergan
I have had the pleasure of sending several clients JudyAnne’s way for their home loan needs. Judy always had my clients’ best interests in mind, guiding them through the loan process with ease. She made buying a home (most peoples biggest investment of their lives), a smooth ride for my clients. I highly recommend her for all lending needs!
Jeff Mendelsohn | Realtor at Pacific Sotheby`s International Realty
I worked for JudyAnne as an appraiser for her clients. She did a high volume of business and I was able to provide appraisals to assist JudyAnne in closing loans on time as quoted. As the majority of my clients are Loan Officers & Mortgage Brokers, JudyAnne is among the best in assisting borrowers through the mortgage process. JudyAnne’s clients always spoke highly of her and were confident of her ability. I was fortunate to have met JudyAnne & work for her
Paul MacManus | Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser at Appraisal Office of C/ Paul MacManus
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